Company event planning

Are you planning an event for employees, partners or customers of your company? Your actions will turn out much better and it will come more people if you find yout in advance informations like how and where to organize the event and what are the participants expecting. This survey will help you get answers to many questions about planning and preparation of your events.

Design / graphic design survey

Do you have a new logo, brochure, poster or other graphic design and you feel still unsure whether this is right one? Use this questionnaire and check out what people think about your design and what they like or doesn't like about it and why is that. Get information before you start printing new catallogue, change the graphics before posting them your website. Save yourself a lot of work and costs associated with subsequent amendments or unsuccessful campaigns.

Website evaluation

Whether you think about changing your website or you've just launched a new website, this survey will help you get interesting information to adjust or improve your website so that it gets user-friendly.

Project realization rating

If your company gives priority to high satisfaction of customers, you should use this survey template to make sure that your ongoing or completed project is according to the needs of customers. Questions are chosen carefully to help you gain important insights and information of ongoing or completed project. Measuring customer satisfaction is always the key to future success.

Rating of customer service

Do you provide to your customers such a customer service like what they expect? Use of this survey will you get you feedback on your customer service and you will get inspiration on how to improve the customer service so you can build with your customers good relations and encourage their loyalty.

Customer satisfaction survey

An interesting customer satisfaction survey for new and existing customers who could bring inspiration and important feedback.

Employee satisfaction survey

You can use this survey to find out how your employees perceive your company "from inside". You will get a lot of interesting ideas for further communication and work with them. This survey has been created in collaboration with company Performia.

Transaction survey

Use regular email communication which you are sending to your customers and place there a link with transaction survey. It gives to the customers opportunity to provide you feedback.