Animated forms. The vending machine for new contacts.

Getting new contacts

Animated forms. The vending machine for new contacts.

These are the forms that pop up from sides or upwards or downwards. They act however you want them. After sending them they can send an email, a notification or save the contact directly. Everything in accordance with GDPR. They can do even more via interconnected automatizations.

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  • Jan Spáčil

You can find one of the most modern tools for building your own database of contacts directly in Quanda. We call it Active forms. Active forms are forms you can easily design and make them ‘‘merge‘‘ with your web. Their unique function – which can be found in Quanda - is their animation.

These forms can be inserted into your web without any programming or complex settings. You can do it all by yourself.


You cen increase the ability to gain new contacts from your web by 20 % – 250 % via animated forms.

We aren’t only talking about static forms that are inserted into your web page, its header, footer or the right or left column. They are forms that pop up actively, they protrude from the sides or from up or down. They act exactly how you want them to. If you aren’t collecting any contacts, you can start today with this simple tool. Without programming, without waiting weeks or months for the implementation.

Webové formuláře

Why are the animated forms so effective?

The principle of their effectivity lays in their active movement on the site. By having the form pop up on the page without the web users doing anything, it catches the user’s attention intensely. By noticing the form, we have the chance to capture the user by an attractive title, other contents of the form and make them sign-up immediately.

Static forms are usually overlooked by the user, but the active animated forms draw the user’s attention by moving on the site.


Try for yourself how the animated forms work.

I inserted a form on this page that says „Display the animated form“ after you scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is a code there that activates the viewing of the form. You can easily copy this code from Quanda and insert it into you page alone without any programming.


"Try the forms on your website for free for 14 days."

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Quanda brings you many ways of setting up the form.

Every form allows you to choose the style of its animation. You can choose if the form should pop up or protrude from one of the sides. You can set up if the form will appear immediately after loading the page or if it should appear after scrolling to a concrete spot on the page. You can also add a delay of view and many more functions.

Place the animated form on your web and start collecting new contacts.

Create a form in the Active forms part. You can have an animated form that will gather new contacts on your web today. If you are not sure about something, please contact us and we will gladly help you with creating the form and getting it to work.


Good luck.
Jan Spáčil


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