• Standard Automation of customer care for small companies.
  • Starts at 29 monthly
  • Includes
    • Users
      5 users included.
    • Email Campaigns STANDARD
      500 contacts included.
    • Forms
      15 forms included.
    • Survey STANDARD
      All major features, invitations and responses without price restrictions.
    • Automation
      1000 operations included.
    • Extensions
      1 extension included.
  • Professional Professional customer care automation solutions.
  • Starts at 49 monthly
  • Includes
    • Users
      10 users included.
    • Email campaigns PROFESSIONAL
      1,000 contacts included.
    • Forms
      30 forms included.
      Main + advanced features, invitations and answers with no price restrictions.
    • Automation
      10,000 operations included.
    • Extensions
      4 extensions included.
  • Enterprise To achieve maximum efficiency of customer care automation.
  • Starts at 636 monthly
  • Includes
    • Users
      45 users included.
    • Email Campaigns ENTERPRISE
      10,000 contacts included.
    • Forms
      100 forms included.
    • Survey ENTERPRISE
      Main + advanced features, invitations and answers with no price restrictions.
    • Automation
      20 000 operations included.
    • ERP/CRM/Eshop connector
      Direct connection. 3 automation scenarios included.
    • Server administration and monitoring
      Management, updating and monitoring of 2 servers included.
    • Extensions
      8 extensions included.

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Can I try the system for free before I decide?

YES! You can start using the entire application as soon as you create an account. With minor restrictions and up to 200 contacts, you can use Quanda for 14 days for free. After 14 days, your trial period will end automatically. If you want, you can continue with one of the paid tariffs.

Do I need to download and install the software?

Nothing like that is needed. All you need to do to get the most out of Quanda is create an account, choose a tariff that meets your needs, and get started. Quanda is an online service available at any time in all browsers.

Do I need to sign a written contract if I want to use Quanda?

No written contracts. Choose a tariff, create an account and start using the system. All its functions are fully available to you. However, if for any reason you need a written contract, write to us and we will be happy to send you the contract.

I need custom templates for email campaigns, right?

Quanda allows you to have the design of your online questionnaires and email campaigns designed to fully support your graphic and visual style. We will design and customize the questionnaire and e-mail templates exactly according to your ideas.

Will someone help me to start or will I be alone?

You will not be alone. We will be happy to help you put everything into practice so that you get the most out of using these modern marketing tools. We will be happy to share with you our many years of practical experience so that your start is as fast as possible.

... and if I need anything, what should I do?

We are always available. We do everything to make using our system fun with professional results. Despite many help texts, you may not know the advice. In this case, do not hesitate to contact us.