Double opt-in. What is it and how does it work?

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Double opt-in. What is it and how does it work?

Double opt-in is a shortcut used for verifying the owner of an email address that your customers give you by filling out forms on your web pages.

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  • Jan Spáčil

What is Double opt-in?

"Double" as in "duplicate" or "double time". "Opt" as in "option" for short, meaning "choice" or a "wish". "In" as a preposition. We could also call this a wish to be added into a database of your contacts. Double opt-in is a verification of an email address that your customer inserts into your forms.

How does Double opt-in work? 

Double opt-in is a verification of an owner of an email address that is filling out your form. After filling out the form, this function will activate and send a verification email to the listed email address. This verification email contains a request to click a link to confirm the listed email address. You can edit the contents and link in Quanda to your liking.

This information will also appear in the detail of a contact during its export after verification via Double opt-in.

When to use Double opt-in?

Whenever you gain a new contact based on the legal title "Consent" for GDPR. This function makes sure you verify the owner of the email. Without using this function, the form respondent could fill in any address and you wouldn’t be able to verify who exactly gave you the consent.

Everything is saved with the contact so you can access the GDPR consent whenever you want.

Double opt-in and GDPR

Double opt-in lets you know and prove who gave you the GDPR consent. Without this function it is almost impossible to prove that the consent was given by the owner of the email address.


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Wish you great luck without any GDPRoblems!

Jan Spáčil