6 campaign types for your effective e-mail marketing

Simple e-mail<br/>campaigns

Simple e-mail

For sending regular newsletters and other mass e-mails with detailed results.

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Automated<br/>birthday e-mails

birthday e-mails

For automatic sending of many different birthday wishes to different groups of customers.

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E-mail campaigns with A / B testing

E-mail campaigns with A / B testing

A unique tool for testing the performance of e-mail campaigns in real time.

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Automated<br/>celebration e-mails

celebration e-mails

For automatic sending of any holiday or celebration wishes to different groups of customers.

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Automated<br/>email series

email series

For the creation, management and distribution of up to 150-piece e-mail series.

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Conditional logical<br/>e-mail campaigns

Conditional logical
e-mail campaigns

Intelligent tool for automatic sending of e-mails in relation to the activities and recipients mentioned above.

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Simple e-mail campaings
and newsletters

  • simple text editor
  • simple button maker
  • personalization of e-mails by use of merge fields
  • simple work with pictures
  • horizontal lines to separate text

A/B testing. Modern tool for greater efficiency of your e-mail marketing.

Simple setting of testing
  • an intuitive and simple interface for selecting recipient groups to send testing e-mails
  • 4 criteria for selecting the correct variation
  • simple setup of time for the selection of the winning variation
  • immediate or scheduled sending

Automated e-mail series. Regular communication with no worries.

E-mail marketing | e-mail series
  • up to 150 episodes in one series
  • easy management of each series and episode
  • drag & drop settings of order of individual episodes
  • easy editing of individual episodes even during sending
  • encryption of individual episodes during changes

Automated birthday e-mails

So you never forget the birthday of your clients again.

E-mail marketing - Birthday e-mail

Automated holiday e-mail

Make your customers day.

E-mail marketing | Automatic holiday campaigns

Logical email campaigns. Sending e-mails based on customers reactions.

E-mail marketing | Logical e-mail campaigns
  • up to three levels of conditioned e-mail sending
  • up to 7 interlinked e-mails
  • automatic sorting into groups according to click-throughs on any of the links which appear in the e-mail
  • automatic sending at scheduled times


Simple use without large manuals and long training.

Simple contact import

Simple contact import

Simple detailed tool to import your contacts from anywhere.

A / B testing of e-mail campaigns

A / B testing of e-mail campaigns

Great tool for increasing the efficiency of your e-mail campaigns.

Custom designed templates and e-mails

Custom designed templates and e-mails

Your e-mails will look great and exactly fit your needs.

E-mails testing for SPAM

E-mails testing for SPAM

Thanks to SPAM tests, you will always know in advance what to beware of.

Send personal<br/>e-mails

Send personal

Salutation in the e-mail subject or body. Automatic personalization of content.

Simple scheduling of sending

Simple scheduling of sending

For each campaign, schedule the sending day and time easily.

Automatic sender assignment

Automatic sender assignment

Send your e-mail campaigns from several sites at once.

Detailed information about the performance

Detailed information about the performance

You will always have a perfect overview of the results for each campaign.

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