Without programming. Functional on all websites.

In six versions!



A form will appear immediately or delayed on a chosen spot.

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Attractive bar sliding from the top or from the bottom, with or without further movement allowed on the page.

Pop-up form with dark backgroud

Pop-up form with dark backgroud

Will highlight the form using a dark background and becoming immovable on the page.

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Classic web form

Classic web form

The form is firmly positioned at a specific location in your website.

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The form slides from the top, from the bottom or from the sides depending on your needs.

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Simple<br/>landing page

landing page

Each form has its own address and can be used as a simple landing page.

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Pop-up form

Form which is hard to be missed that catches the attention of the visitors to your website and gets a large number of new contacts.

Active forms | Pop-up window

Pop-up form with dark background

Pop-up form which is highlighted by darkening the background, holding back more navigation on the page. Uncompromisingly focused on performance.

Active forms | Modal pop-up window

Animated form

Form that moves from the top or from the bottom, from the left or from the right and doesn't prevent visitors from further navigation on the page.

Active forms | Sliding window

Classic web form

Classic web form is a form embedded in your website. You can use it whenever you need to get e-mail or other contact information.

Simple landing page

Each form can also be displayed as a separate web page - landing page - and linked to from an e-mail, a website, a banner, or other places.


Simple use without large manuals and long training.

Drag & Drop form builder

Drag & Drop form builder

Easy construction of forms, including headings, texts, images and videos.

Connection to<br/>e-mail series

Connection to
e-mail series

Easy setup of sending e-mail series with contacts obtained from the form.

Fully controlled<br/>design

Fully controlled

A perfect design editor for the great look of your form.

Immediate e-mail confirmation

Immediate e-mail confirmation

The auto-responses send out confirmation of new contacts right away.

Unique viewing options

Unique viewing options

The form can pop-up, slide or be placed firmly on the website.

Continuous information<br/>about performance

Continuous information
about performance

You can set up how often you want Quanda to inform you about new contacts.

Placing a video into the form

Placing a video into the form

Video placement for more attractive and higher performance forms.

Simple landing<br/> pages

Simple landing

The form creation tool allows you to create a simple landing page.