Novelties in the email editor and email campaigns

What is new in Quanda

Novelties in the email editor and email campaigns

Another bundle of updates is here, now focused on email campaigns and an email editor. Have a look at this article that introduces all 13 novelties.

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  • Jan Spáčil

Let’s take a look at these novelties and introduce them step by step. 

1. The title of your email can be hidden not only on a phone but also on PC.

Nastavení titulku e-mailu
E-mail editor and settings for hiding the title on a mobile phone or PC.

The title of an email is technically the first text in an email and so it shows as an independent line in the list of delivered emails. The recipients of the email can then see who the sender is, they can see the subject of the email and also the title. In the picture below you can see the sender, the email subject on the right and the title on the second line. This view is used by Outlook 365 but different emails clients have different interfaces. Some do not show the title at all, some as a third line after the sender and the subject..

Zobrazení titulku e-mailu
Inbox email on PC (Outlook 365).

On mobile devices the title is on the third line of text.

Titulek e-mailu na mobilu
Mobile email inbox.

If the title is hidden from both mobile devices and PC, it cannot be seen. Via this setting you can make it so the title will be seen in the list of delivered emails but won’t be visible in the open email which is shown on the image below.

Titulek e-mailu není vidět
Display an email with a close caption.

To create a title, use the same rules as for creating an email subject. More on how to write the email title in article: "9 tips on how to create the right email title."

The possibility to set up the hiding for mobile or PC is a new setting you can find in the Quanda email editor in editing titles. It allows you to view the title only in the list of delivered emails. When the recipient opens you email – on phone or PC – the title will be hidden.


2. We added the option to set up the appearance of an ALT text image.

Nastavení alt textu
E-mail editor and appearance settings for the image name (so-called ALT text).

We already touched on this option in one of our previous emails. You can find everything about setting and styling an ATL text (name of an image) in this article: "Can´t see images? Don´t worry. Read the title. Introducing smart solutions to email programmes not loading images properly."


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3. We modified the behaviour of icons for copying, deleting and moving a text block.

Ikony pro text
Icons for deleting, copying and moving a text block.

The icons for copying, deleting and moving a text block move downwards in a text block together with the text block. The icons are moving downwards while you are writing, and they don’t stay in your way while working with the text.


4. We expanded the icons of social media with Whatsapp and Xing. We added an icon for speed dial.

Nové ikony sociálních medií a rychlé volání 

You can find these new icons in the content block with social media icons:

  • Whatsapp
  • Xing
  • Speed dial

These icons can be found in all colour renditions, black and white, round and square. We also upgraded the email statistics with these links. We added validation of an input link, email or a phone number to all the icons.


5. We impoved the generating of preview images of email templates.

Vlastní správa šablon e-mailů
View your own email templates.

Even the most complicated email templates will have an exact preview image in the list of your saved templates. (Used photos of people in templates will be blurred because of GDPR).


6. The page with templates has been devided into "Personal" a "Public". We added a few new templates.

Rozdělení stránky s e-mailovými šablonami
E-mail editor page with a preview of saved e-mail templates.

Your own templates will always be up top. All the templates that we create for you will newly be in the bottom section ‘‘Public templates‘‘.  If you are only starting and don’t have your own templates, the section of personal templates will be hidden and appear with the saving of your first email template.


7. We expanded the DNS records for sending

Nastavení DNS záznamů pro odesílání
Page to verify the setting of DNS records for sending for multiple sending domains.

We expanded the primary setting of DNS records and that allowed us to better control how the emails are handled while delivering. Emails that will be sent with this new setting will be less likely to end up in bulk mail or spam folders, will be blocked less and refused less.

The settings of DNS records have two sections now. The first section is called ‘‘Authentication of sender‘‘ and it contains records that set up and authenticate the sending domain, SPF and DKIM record. The second section is called ‘‘Setting links in emails‘‘ and it will change the system domain ‘‘‘‘ to your own domain in all links in the emails. We are displacing it with a sending domain.

"Setting links in emails" is only available in the PROFESIONAL tariff and up.

Why add the records?

  • sent emails are more trustworthy and are easily delivered;
  • sent emails are more often delivered to primary folders;
  • far less emails are blocked by email servers;
  • if you are using DMARC you can convert to a higher level of security (from NONE to QUARANTINE).
  • recipients of your emails will see your domain in all the links and this will make the links appear trustworthy.

Please check if you set up everything correctly as soon as possible. If on the page … / Settings / Authentication of domains & DNS you see green ticks on the lines with new records then everything is okay. If you see orange exclamation marks, you must set these records up as soon as possible.

How to proceed?

  1. Log in into Quanda.
  2. Go to page "... / Settings / Authentication of domains & DNS".
  3. Go to a new tab, log in on the service page (where your domain is registered) that runs the DNS records to your sending domain. Your domain can be registered on Active24, Forpsi and so on. Sign in and in the DNS records settings create 3 CNAME records (or 6 CNAME records) to every sending domain that you can find on the page "... / Settings / Authentication of domains & DNS" in Quanda.
  4. When you have these records set up, click on the page "... / Settings / Authentication of domains & DNS" on the button "Check the settings of DNS records". It can take a few hours to check the DNS records.
  5. If everything is okay, green ticks will appear next to your domain.
  6. Repeat this procedure with all your sending domains.
  7. If you don’t manage to set up the records or check on the settings or are not sure about something else, call our support: +420 605 163 892 or email us at


8. You can see the selected sender on the page Sending even after sending the campaign.

Quanda - Odeslání
"Submit" page after submitting an email campaign with a visible sender.

The pre-set sender of the campaign can be seen on the sending page even after the campaign is sent. If you want to check who was the sender of a campaign and you set up the sender manually then the chosen sender will newly stay after sending the campaign.


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9. The pages pro signing off and authenticating address via double opt have a new look and your logo.

Logout page.

The page for signing off has been improved and we added your logo. If you cannot see it on the page, add it in … / Settings / Contact information. The page is much clearer and has bright buttons to confirm the sign-off.


Potvrzení odhlášení
Logout confirmation page

The page that appears as a confirmation of a sign-off has been improved with an information about a successful sign-off and we removed the button that linked you back to your pages before. It is much better when people sign-off than when they mark your email as spam. That is why the whole process has to be simple and clear.

Ověření pomocí double opt-in
Double opt-in email verification page

We modernized the page that your subscriber sees if they fill out and send a form that authenticates the owner of the inputted email address via a so-called Double opt-in and they can click an authentication link in the email they get. The page has a new look and we also added your logo. What exactly is double opt-in and how does it function? You can find that out in an article on our blog: "Double opt-in. What it is and how does it work?"


10. We expanded the control of pre-set conditions in email automatization.

Neplatná automatizace
Notification of deactivation of the automation condition.

We newly control if your campaign still has the link that is a part of an automatization. If you change it or delete it, Quanda will notify you and ask you to refresh the condition of your automatization.


11. We moved  the field for choosing the purpose of processing personal data  from the page "Settings" to the page "Recepients" into the "Detailed filter".

Nastavení e-mailové kampaně
The field "Set recipients according to the purpose of personal data processing" has been moved  to the "Recipients" page.

We removed the button "set up the recepient based on the purpose of processing personal data" from "Settings" and move it to "Detailed filter of contacts" on the page "Recepients".

Podrobný filtr kontaktů "
The "Pupose of personal data processing" field in the detailed contact filter.


12. We show the Name of the campaign on the page "Email editor" in email series, campaigns with A/B testing and logistic email campaigns even after sending the campaign.

Název e-mailové kampaně
The name of the campaign displayed in the project bar.

If you click through "Link analytics" (available only in the PRO tariff and up) in an email campaign, you will also see the name of the campaign in the "Email editor" and this allows you to find the campaign easier in the list of emails.

The name of your campaign is always visible after sending an email series, campaign with A/B testing or a logistic email campaign.


13. We expanded the statistics of sent emails in the section "Recipients that marked your email as SPAM" to a report listing the reason for marking.

Označení SPAM
View the reasons for marking emails as SPAM.

From this ‘‘reason‘‘ you can quickly find out if your email was marked as spam by a recipient of your email of if it was marked while delivering and so it was refused by the email server and it wasn’t delivered.



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