New functions and improvements in Questionnaires

What is new in Quanda

New functions and improvements in Questionnaires

We implemented many new changes, updates and improvements in Questionnaires. One of the most important ones is a new question type NET PROMOTER SCORE, new graphs in Answer analysis and a new lists of respondents for individual answers. But there is even more!

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  • Jan Spáčil

Let’s take a look at the new improvements.

1. New question: "NET PROMOTER SCORE"

Net promoter score Quanda

This is a standard question example:

"How likely are you to recommend this [product, service, company, company job] to your family or friends?

NPS otázka Quanda

Respondents answer this question on a scale from 0 to 10. 0 means they wouldn’t recommend you in any case. 10 means they would be very glad to recommend you. Based on this rating, results will be counted standardly. The percentual answers of respondents or "critics" who gave 0 to 6 rating will be added up, then percentual answers of so called "passive respondents" who gave 7 to 8 rating will be added up and we will also add up the percentual answers of "supporters" that gave 9 to 10 rating.

The final rating - NET PROMOTER SCORE - will then be equal to SUPPORTERS minus CRITICS. PASSIVE RESPONDENTS are omitted. The final result in % will then mirror the willingness to recommend, not recommend or critically comment on a product, service or company that was the subject of the question.

Net promoter score graf

If the final score is more that 50% then it is good. If it is lower or even negative, it is essential to find out the reason why and fix the problem. In this case, your group of respondents is not willing to recommend your product, service or company and your expansion is therefore way more difficult.

Connected to this is also a brand-new function in questionnaires – lists of respondents based on individual answers. Let’s introduce you to this novelty.


2. New lists of respondents based on individual answers

Seznam respondentů Quanda


We have been looking forward to this new function. For each question you can get a list of respondents. You can quickly find out who answered and how. The list can be tagged and sent an email, or you can call these people if you prefer so.

Seznam respondentů podle odpovědi Quanda.


3. We simplified the page of editing questionnaires

Dotazník Quanda

The whole questionnaire page is now "cleaner". We omitted the unnecessary. The page and all its elements save automatically. We simplified the text editor of the front and last page. On the last page you can also choose which page should appear to the recipient after opening the questionnaire. If the front page doesn’t have any text it automatically won’t appear and on the contrary, if it has some text it will appear.


4. A quick change of questionnaire template

You can quickly change the visual style of the questionnaire by clicking the icon of "brush" in the project sidebar (the white sidebar under the blue main menu). You can do this even if the questionnaire is currently running.

Dotazník šablony Quanda


5. A new option to redirect the respondent to a custom thank you page after sending back the questionnaire

Dotazník vlastní děkovací stránka Quanda

You can now redirect your respondents to a custom thank you page. We left the option to leave the original Quanda thank you page intact. This redirection to a custom thank you page will let you keep an eye on conversions from filled out questionnaires and also use remarketing for further communication with respondents.


6. An account of all text answers in the final report

Textové odpovědi Quanda

You can now view all text answers of your respondents in the final report. This includes all short and long texts, "other" items in radio button questions (one answer choice) or checkboxes (more answers choice). You now do not have to copy the answers and paste them into comments.


7. New graphs on the page Answer analysis for all types of questions

Graf 1 dotazníky Quanda

Graf 2 dotazníky Quanda

Graf 3 dotazníky Quanda

All questions have new graphs. This includes basic pie charts, bar charts and also advanced graphs – index or percentage. You can also find a special graph for the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question. The new graphs are more modern, clearer and you can also view animated pictures via their key and you can view and hide individual bars and sectors.


8. New function that lets you download individual graphs as images

Stažení grafu Quanda

You can still save everything as a PDF file and print out the graphs as a part of the final report. You now also have the option to save the graph as an image via the icon menu in the upper right corner of the graph and insert it into Word or your presentation in PowerPoint.


9. Fast filtering via graph key

Filtrování v grafech Quanda

All graphs that can be found in questionnaires (they have the same functions as graphs in email campaigns) can show or hide individual bars or sections by clicking their key (description with the name of the row under the graph). This lets you follow results to important answers or their categories that interest you.


10. Clearer viewing of questions and answers on page Answer analysis

Analýza odpovědí Quanda

All items on this page have been sorted so that you can view them better. Long texts have been divided into more lines and everything has been aligned so that long questions and answers can fit the page with results. Buttons now have new colours so that they are visually recognisable when you want to add, edit or delete something.


11. New dialogues for setting up messages in the case of a paused or terminated questionnaire

Dotazník pozastaveno Quanda 

If you pause or terminate your questionnaire it would be appropriate to let your respondents know. In the case of a paused questionnaire let them know when the questionnaire will be open again. If the questionnaire was terminated, let them know it doesn’t run anymore. To make the edit of these texts as simple as possible, we added new dialogues that let you write these messages comfortably.


12. New settings for questionnaire logo and the final report

Logo závěrečná zpráva Quanda

Logo dotazník Quanda

You can switch the logo of the questionnaire on and off in the final report and also change its size. On the page Questionnaire you can now choose to align the logo to the centre.


If you liked these updates, please let us know in the comments. We love comments!

Good luck!

Jan Spáčil



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