Why purchased database stinks?

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Why purchased database stinks?

Size of contact database and corresponding amount of sent e-mails are directly proportional to results, which you will achieve by useing e-mail marketing. Nothing affect your results more than the number of e-mail addresses to which you will send your e-mails.

  • Jan Spáčil
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  • Jan Spáčil

As an "easy" way it seems to be simply buy a such a database. Sales men of companies that sells databases will promise you a lot of things when trying to sell you such a database. Among other things they will assure you, that you can send your emails to those adresses and that their database is regularly updated.

More than 40% of e-mail addresses in purchased databases are old or malfunctioning. Sending mass emails to these databases brings back excessive unsubscriptions, marking emails as SPAM and complaints to the Office for Personal Data Protection.

This is confirmed by our more than 3 years of experience:

  • majority of purchased database does not contain the key thing which is the rights of individual contacts that they agree to receive e-mails from you.
  • although some companies sell databases that "on paper" will have everything in order, the problem is that 99.9% of people are unaware that they are giving to the company which are they signing to the right to sell such a database and a permission to send commercial communications by any other company.
  • e-mails which you will send to such an addresses will create a lot of negative effect. From labeling your emails as SPAM, through making your reputation worse and it can lead up to complaints at Office for Personal Data Protection, which solves such complaints.
  • in addition, more than 40% of e-mail contacts in purchased databases are outdated and dysfunctional address. It causes that deliverability normally drops down below 70%, which again very negatively affects your deliverability of any following e-mails because your reputation will deteriorate.

Another important factor is your long-term reputation and PR which you are building at the market. If you will be "bombing" your potential customers with junk mail on a regular basis, it is very naive to think that this activity would be worthwhile in long run.

If you do not know how to build your own database, please email us, we can help you with that. You can also find those email marketing tools right in Quanda.