How to crop an image to a specific size

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How to crop an image to a specific size

If you want to insert an image into an email, its size will automatically adjust. However, if you want to put 3 images next to each other in one line it would look much better if they were all the same size.

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  • Jan Spáčil

When you don´t have same-size pictures at hand.

Sometimes you can get lucky and all your images will be of the same size so you don’t have to edit them. In other instances though, it is necessary to crop the images to a specific size. I always recommend also adjusting the whole size of a picture while cropping it so it is really close to 1:1 to the size of the space you will be inserting the image into. To edit the image, we will use the Czech tool Photopea again. We have already introduced it in the article called  „How to change the overall size of an image online“.

How tu do this?

  1. Save the image to your computer.
  2. On the page  photopea.com, open the programme Photopea and set up your preferred language. You don’t have to create an account nor register anywhere. Everything is for free.

    Jak upravit fotku

  3. In the window in the middle of the screen choose „Open from computer“.
  4. Choose your saved image and click on „Open“.
  5. To crop the picture to a specific size we have to know the size first. Via the cogwheel icon in the email editor (upper right panel in the editor) you can find the overall size of your email that you can change however you want. Let’s say the overall size of your email is 730px and you want to insert 3 images next to each other into one line and one column out of three. If we deduct the set-up margins and gaps between columns (4x16px in primary settings) from the overall width and divide the result by 3, we will get the width of one image. In our scenario this would be (730-(4x16)) / 3 = 222. Because the image adjusts to the place we insert it in, it is possible to estimate this number by the pre-set width of the email. For this example, we can work with the value 250px (put together, that is more than the width of the email so it will definitely work).

    Quanda e-mail editor

  6. The width of the image is only one of 2 measurements that we need to care about. The other measurement is the height. I, personally, change the overall size of the image first and then I crop the image so that all 3 images have the same height. By doing this I get 3 pictures in the same size. I proceed by finding out the image with the smallest height (after editing its overall size) and from that I adjust the other 2 images. How to proceed then??
  7. First we have to change the overall size of all 3 images. In this edit we always work with width only. The height will automatically accommodate, and it is not necessary to edit. By that we keep the original ratio of the image without a change and we will keep it from deformation. You can follow the article: "How to change the overall size of an image online".
  8. In this example, we will change the width of all pictures to 250px and save it as "jpg". While changing the size, dot down the heights of all pictures. We will use the smallest height to crop the other two images. In our example, the smallest picture is going to be 150px tall. Choose File > Save as > JPG in the upper menu.

    Jak změnit velikost obrázku

  9. The file will upload immediately and you will find it in your computer in downloaded files. Save all three edited images this way.
  10. The image with the smallest size (250px x 150px) is done already. Now you have to edit the other 2 images.
  11. Open the first out of two images in Photopea. Choose the Crop tool in the left menu.

    Jak oříznout obrázek

  12. After clicking the crop icon in the right menu, edit the size of the crop in the upper menu. Set it as  "Fixed size" and enter 250 (width) and 150 (height of the smallest image in our example) into the crop dimensions.

    Jak oříznout obrázek

  13. Via a mouse or a touchpad, place the cropping window on your image so that the upper corner matches the upper corner of your image. If you want to place the crop differently you definitely can. However, be sure to always place the window so that its width copies the width of the image.

    Jak oříznout obrázek

  14. After placing the cropping window push the enter button. The size of the picture will change and crop based on the settings of your window.

    Jak oříznout obrázek

  15. Save the edited image as jpg. The process of saving a picture is described in point 9. Proceed with the third image in the same way. After its saving you will have three images with the same size 250px x 150px. Insert the edited images into an email editor.

If you found this guideline inspiring, please let us know what we should look into next time and we will try to create another similar guideline for you.


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Good luck!

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