How to change the overall size of an image online

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How to change the overall size of an image online

Images are a part of almost every email. However, we do not always have an image at hand that would fit, size wise, into the email we are writing.

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  • Jan Spáčil

Photopea. A Czech tool we fell in love with.

We have been using a tool for editing images called Photopea for many years now. It is online, fast, reliable, easy to use and it’s free. It is also a Czech product that is available in Czech. Today I will show you how to use this tool to adjust the overall size of an image that you want to insert into an email.

Thanks to Photopea you can do many things with your images – reduce the size, enlarge it, crop, change colours, focus and so on. There are innumerable possibilities to edit your images and this tool can be compared to the most enhanced ones available.

When you want to change the overall size of an image to insert into an email.

Let’s have a look at how to proceed when you want to change the overall size of an image - i.e., the size in pixels.

If you download an image from a photobank for example, its size is going to probably be bigger than what you actually need for your email. The right procedure is to make sure the images used are ideally the size 1:1, meaning their size should match the size of the field we want to insert the image into.

Therefore, if you use an image from a photobank or an image that you had taken yourself, you have to change its size. Let’s take a look at how we can use the tool Photopea to change the size of the image so it fits our needs.

How can I achieve this?

  1. Save an image into your computer.
  2. On the page photopea.com, open the programme Photopea and set up your preferred language. You don’t have to create an account nor register anywhere. Everything is for free.

    Jak upravit fotku

  3. Choose „Open from computer“ in the window in the middle of the screen
  4. Choose your saved image and click „Open“.
  5. To get the image to be 1:1 we have to adjust the width to 650px (which is the default width of an email) minus 2 x 16px (these are the margins of an email). This will get us the width of 618px. For this adjustment we always work with width. The height will accommodate automatically, and we don’t have to edit it. By this we will keep the original ratio of the image without a change and prevent deformation.
  6. To change the size of a picture, choose  Image > Image size in the upper menu and then when a window appears, leave everything unchanged except the value in the width field where you should enter the value 618px. It is also possible to enter 650px. What matters is that if the image had 4000px in width, its data size was also big and that could make the image load very slowly for the receiver of your email. The difference between the size and the quality of an image isn’t big if you enter 650px instead of 618px.

    Jak změnit velikost obrázku

  7. To enter a new value click on „OK“.

    Jak změnit velikost obrázku

  8. You can see the size change immediately. However, the size that you are seeing on your screen doesn’t have to match the edited size perfectly.

    Jak změnit velikost obrázku

  9. If you want to see exactly how big your image will be on the screen, choose View > Real pixels in the upper menu.

    Jak změnit velikost obrázku

  10. Now save the edited picture. Choose File > Save as > JPG in the upper menu.

    Jak změnit velikost obrázku

  11. The file will save immediately, and you can then find it in your computer in downloaded files. You can insert this edited image into your email in Quanda.

If you found this guideline inspiring, please let us know what we should look into next time and we will try to create another similar guideline for you.


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Good luck!

Jan Spáčil



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