4+1 ways how to write a subject of the email so that the customers open it

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4+1 ways how to write a subject of the email so that the customers open it

One of the key things when sending the emails is to cause that the receiver of your email will open it up and read it. A subject of your email is usually the first thing the receiver of your email reads. If you manage to create a subject that encourages the receiver to open and read your email, you win.

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  • Jan Spáčil

Your clients or customers get a lot of emails every day. Many of them, they don´t open at all and delete it straight away. The reason can be that the email contains doubtful subject that looks like SPAM. It is trying to sell something immediately, or it gives the impression of pressure, it is uninteresting or boring.

As a result, your first task is to create a subject that causes that receiver won´t delete your email right after receiving.

How to create an attractive subject of your email?

1. Ask a question

One of the best ways, how to catch your readers attention, is to ask a question. Ask a question that has a relation with a type of customers you are communicating with and make sure, they will get the answer in your email. „What is the fastest way how to increase an income of your company?“ This question would be an attractive subject of an email addressed to the owners of the company. If you run a fitness center, an efficient subject of your email would be: „How to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks?“

2. „Goad“ your customers

A creation of this type of a subject demands a creativity. If you do it well, you immediately increase a curiosity of your readers. They will be curious, and they will open your email. For example a seller of HD televisions could use a subject like: „You won´t believe your own eyes.“ The content of your email must then correspond to the subject so that it makes sense.

3. Write „that what it is.“

It often works when you simply write right to the subject what you want your reader to know. You can send an email to your club fans with the subject like: „Monkey Business this Friday at Lucerna club“ or to the owners of the company: „5 ways how to increase an income of your company.“ This way works the best if you know well the needs of your readers, and you can refer to them.

4. Don´t forget about: „Is there anything interesting for me?“

When a person gets an email, the first thing he does is asking himself: „Is in the email anything interesting for me?“, „What are the benefits for me?“ - At this moment, he decides whether he will open your email, postpone it for later or delete it. If the subject doesn´t include anything what will persuade them to open the email and devote it their precious time – the choice what to do with it is clear.

5. Be personal

The more a reader gets an impression you are talking straight to him, the more effective your communication will be. Without regard to a style and a type of the subject you use, you can always help yourself using the word „You“ - „The newest collection of swimsuit right for You!“, A car that will suit You“, „A great tailored-made suit just for You.“


If you aren´t sure what type of the subject you should choose, try them all and find out which one works the best. You can also study the subjects of the emails you get. Write down the ones that caught your attention right away, the ones that differ in something from the others or the ones that made you open and read the email.

No matter which type you choose, the time devoted to the creation of the subject is worth it. If your readers don´t open the email you send them, they will never have the possibility to familiarize with the information you send them.