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10 most common mistakes to avoid in the implementation of the online survey

Without profound recognition of the market and your customers, your marketing will never be as effective as it could be. If you decide to use an online survey, avoid the following common errors. You will gain much more from the online surveys, and the respondents will be happy to fill in your online survey.

  • Jan Spáčil
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  • Jan Spáčil

1. Not enough amount of invitations to the survey sent

Not everybody to who you sent the invitation will fill out the survey. Some of them just don´t have time, to some of them the invitation come when they are out of the office. The amount of the responses is directly proportional to the amount of sent invitations. The more invitations you send, the more responses you´ll get. If you send the invitations to your regular customers, the club members or the fans, you can expect up to 50 % of success rate. On the other hand, if you send the invitations to the survey to a group of people which isn´t in the contact with you very often, to the potential customers etc, you can expect that your success rate will be between 5 % - 10 %.

If you want to have objective results, we recommend you to gain 100 to 150 completed surveys. However, do not start to panic, if you have much less of them. Every answered survey counts; every filled-in survey is the inspiration, and you can move a bit further.

2. Making too complicated questions

The power is in the simplicity. You should always look at your survey from the perspective of the people who will fill out your survey. Will they understand it? Will they understand the questions? Do the respondents have to think about your question for a long time? Are they able to answer immediately? Is it easy for them to read the question? Do they have to stop in the middle of the question and start over? Do they have to read the question several times to understand the meaning?

Do a simple test: let your colleagues read the questions aloud and watch whether it is easy for them or not. If it´s not, rewrite the question, change the order of the words or simplify the question another way and repeat your test until you are satisfied.

3. Asking too many open questions

Open-ended questions are those to which the respondents may answer in any way. They fill their response into the box for insertion of text. If there are too many of these questions and the respondent has to write his comment to each of them, his willingness to finish and send the survey can decrease. Answering by using this method also takes more time and completing the survey drags on. THis is why you should combine the open-ended questions with the ones, where the respondents just click on the answers.

4. ...

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