Getting new contacts

18 ways to build an extensive database of email contacts

A high-quality and extensive database of email contacts is the heart of every email marketing campaign. When you are creating a list of email contacts, to buy a database and copy the emails is not enough. The results that get you email campaigns sent to a custom database of email addresses are in our experience much more efficient than a campaign sent to a purchased database, without the permission of the recipients and in violation of the law.

  • Jan Spáčil
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  • Jan Spáčil

You email marketing will be successful only when you send your communication to the people who are interested in it. When somebody provides you with their email address, they practically says they are showing interest in your information. People are more and more selective of whom they will accept information from and so, it is precious in today´s hectic time. 

How to do it?

Building a database of contacts through your online activities


  • Provide technical articles, tips or recommendations to download for free.
  • Provide “other things” to download (manuals, images, wallpapers, games,..).
  • Provide the gift or discount vouchers for registered members.
  • Offer “e-books” to download for free.
  • Encourage the visitors to ...

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