The online questionnaires or the online survey – YES or NO?

Online surveys

The online questionnaires or the online survey – YES or NO?

Many people will tell you that it is unnecessary work. I meet them very often. They rather rely on luck, intuition, recommendation from acquaintances than on facts that they have right in front of their nose. For the last few years, we have carried out dozens of surveys, and none of them was useless. Each of them brought new knowledge and the initiatives for changes.

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  • Jan Spáčil

Desire to know more

Desire to know more, comprehend the life and the people around us, these are as old as mankind itself. We are interested in every new thing, and our desire to know is often without any borders.

Especially in recent years, information has become one of the most valuable and required commodities. To know how our customers think, according to what they decide and who influence their decisions can mean a map for the treasure for your business. The better we understand our market and our customers, the more effectively you will communicate with your clients and the more accurately you will orient your offer.

People often ask me, what has changed in marketing recently. Why the things that worked a couple years ago are just hopeless activity nowadays. I answer that so much hasn´t changed if we look at that as a whole. People are still the same; the products are rather better and more perfect. However, what radically has changed is the environment we live in – the Internet came, the mobile technologies, the tablets, the social networks and many others. The method of receiving information has changed, the process of decision-making has changed, and the method of purchase in many fields has changed as well. This all affects us no matter whether we are purchasers or sellers.


Get to know the market and our customers is the key to success

To strive for effective marketing without proper knowledge of your clients and your market is like to attempt to skate at the rink where is no ice. It is possible, but it´s exhausting. If you better understand how your customers think at the moment when they want to buy your product, you are near to an excellent achievement. The comprehension of the motivations and objections will direct you to the solutions, the improvement of your product, better formulation of your offer, more accurate configuration of your product or to the right price. All of this leads to the fact that your customers will say: “Yes, this is exactly for me!”


You will find out everything through a survey

Nowadays, you have available several ways how to do a survey. You can print out the questionnaires and set out in the streets. It is fun, I recommend to try it. I did hundreds of studies this way, and I learnt a lot.

Another way is to use the services of call centres and realize a survey by phone. This also has its charm, particularly in a hurry. Be careful though to choose a call centre that will do your survey dutifully and quickly.

Another way how to realize a survey is through the online questionnaires. The online questionnaires are the questionnaires that the respondents (the ones who fill in a questionnaire) fill in on the internet. The invitation to this kind of survey can be easily sent by e-mail. The advanced systems for the creation of the online questionnaires allow you this as a part of one system. Nowadays, decent systems provide many advanced functions particularly in the area of data analysis. The online questionnaires undoubtedly belong to the cheapest form of the implementation of the survey. Anyway, truth is that not to all types of surveys is this online form appropriate. However, if you decide for this online form, you will be surprised, how fast the information from your customers flow to you. These pieces of information will help you to keep your customers with you, to sell them repeatedly and not to let them run away to your competition.



Jan Spáčil