7 advantages that the online survey brings

Online surveys

7 advantages that the online survey brings

The online survey represents a modern and fast way for a collection and analysis of information. By using an online survey, you can better understand how your customers think, how they decide, what they like or dislike and according to what they look for the products or services you sell. Don´t make the same mistake as many other businessmen – don´t think, what your customers think.

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  • Jan Spáčil

1. The online survey will save you time

The online survey represent the fastest way how to create a survey, send it by e-mail or share it on the social networks and websites. While you are doing your work, the respondents are filling in the survey. Within few days, everything is done, and you have the results.

You can usually see the first results in few hours and, for this reason, the online survey can also be helpful in decision making during meetings and consultations. The online survey is the fastest form of surveys of potential or regular customers, suppliers or partners.

2. The online survey will save you money

The online survey is the cheapest form of survey. In comparison with surveys realized by the telephone or in person, the online survey is the cheapest way to find out information. A professional system that will meet your the most demanding requirements will cost you less than 1 500 Kč (60 euros) a month and many of them can be also used to a limited extent for free.


3. You gain help when putting the questions together

Help is treasured, and every good solution provider for online survey will be happy to assist you with their formation, distribution, and evaluation. Some companies do it for free; others don´t. The beginnings are not easy, so you appreciate when you have someone to call and to consult with. Choose a supplier who provides a telephone support and who can help you when creating an online survey.


4. You won´t ask useless questions

The order and succession of individual questions may change according to how the respondents answer and so the online survey can react itself on what the respondents have just answered. Further questions can then be displayed as a follow-up to what the respondents have just answered. This option with a survey in your hand or within a telephone survey is not so comfortable as with the online surveys. Good systems allow you branching of survey, ending by upfront set logic and quotas, skipping the questions and much more.


5. You see the results immediately

The online survey is amazing because you see the results immediately. You can often see first answers, first filled-in surveys in few minutes. It is exciting feeling when you send the invitations and in first ten minutes you receive several filled-in surveys. The advanced applications allow you to see and process the results yet during the survey, so while other surveys are coming, you are already working with first results.


6. You do not have to be an expert for analysis of data

The advanced systems for a creation of online survey count with the fact that you don´t just want to collect a bunch of data, but you want to draw certain conclusions from them. Such systems contain extensive data analysis tools. Thanks to the interconnection of the online survey with the functions of an e-mail marketing, some of them represent the latest trends in online surveys and enable to recognize a respondent of survey automatically without necessity to ask for his personal data.

Thanks to these functions the whole survey turns into much more than “just charts and graphs”. By using the filters, you can see the results of the survey from different sorts of angles. You can find out how men or women answered, how people with different age answered, how people from different cities or regions answered and all these things can be combined without a single extra question in the survey. All thanks to an interconnection of the online survey with the e-mail marketing. One survey can so bring you many ideas and cognition how to speed up and streamline your business.


7. You do not have to use Excel for data processing and creating graphs

Don´t you like Excel? Never mind. If you find a good system for online surveys, not just you won´t have to be worry about a creation of graphs in Excel, but in addition, you will be able to create all your graphs and comments in few minutes, as well as a good looking and detailed report with the overall results of survey.